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Ron Bentata (@ronbentata)
Product Owner/Manager

Years of experience
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Years of experience
in Product Management
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Marketplaces Product Owner/Manager with experience in technology and development. Self-starter digital entrepreneur: web, mobile, b2c, b2b, saas, e-commerce, social, payments. Building and creating high business value in the marketplace, while improving the product & user journey, onboarding, and engagement. Looking for new markets, new products, and new technologies.


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With entrepreneurial mindset, over 22 years of experience in technology, and 8 years in product. I build the concept into a product: from ideation, and research, to specification, design, and development.

John Geirland, the psychology doctor who is a writer and management consultant specializing in new media, says that: "We are multimedia organisms", meaning we can't consume the world using only one sense, we need to have them all fired up. He adds: "we have to use all of our devices for accessing information – not all of which are rational".

Using these inputs, I gained a deeper and better understanding of the products I managed, their core functionality, desires, needs, influences, and effects.

Since 2001, I have managed, planned, implemented, designed, developed, tested, and helped many businesses & startups bring to life various marketplaces, websites, portals, marketing plans, FB pages, YouTube channels, social projects, desktop, & mobile apps.


Web & Mobile
Travel & Sports
Food & Delivery


Puma Pro - PropTech, Australia

PumaPro property tech
Puma Pro is a utility SAAS in the Property Tech domain, in Australia. The Puma Pro platform assists property managers in their daily operation tasks as well as booking and finance management. The platform serves 100's of property managers in operating 1000's of units.
As the PM, I was in charge of turning the idea from concept to an active product. During my work, I learned the market, the customers, their needs and pain. I've also planned and specified the system stracture, processes, as well as the UI and UX.
PumaPro website

FarmAid - Aiding Israeli Farmers

FarmAid - Aiding Israeli Farmers
Following the events of the Black Saturday in Israel (Oct 7th, 2023), there was a surge in requirement for working hands and volunteers. Farmers needed assistance in daily operations.
FarmAid was established to address that specific issue. The platform is secured and automatic, in connecting between Farmers and Volunteers (and working force).
As the Cofounder and PM, I was in charge of understanding the current needs, current market pain points, and comeup with a solution with a quick implementation.
FarmAid website

Eventors - Events Vendors Marketplace, USA

Eventors Vendors Marketplace
Eventors is a local vendors marketplace focused on private and public events services, such as musicians, food, entertainment, and more.
The platform allows customers to easily plan their event while finding and building their event plan with hand-picked vendors.
As the VP R&D, I was responsible to the platform upgrade and features enhancement, working with developers, design and marketing teams.
Eventors website

BY THE SEAT - Travel-tech Startup

By The Seat, Imperium Jets, Travel tech
Imperium Jets (startup) is a marketplace for private jet flight, solving the huge "Empty Leg" problem in the business jet aviation market, by becoming a virtual airline, partnering with flight operators (B2B) to sell By The Seat flights on business jet aircraft (Gulfstream and alike). is the booking site (B2C), allowing customers to search, book, and manage their trips.
As the PM, I was in charge of all product management, development & technical aspects including product planning, market research, designing & building the platform, API, web services, widgets, and business dashboards (Saas).
By The Seat - B2C Website

SOPICK - Social Delivery

SoPick - Social Delivery
Marketplace for same-day social peer-to-peer delivery & community.
Members can be both customers ordering a delivery and couriers making deliveries for other mermbers.
As the product manager, I researched the market and existing players in it, planned the user journey, and prioritized features and development tasks.
Platforms: mobiles app (courier and customer), business ordering system, API, control panel, and promotional website.
Based in Israel.
SoPick Video

NONAGON CARE - Payment Solution

Payment Solution for Nonagon Care
Nonagon Care was looking for a payment solution to integrate with their system (mobile and server). Stripe was offered as the perfect fit to Nonagon's needs and was implemented using two-way API integreation.
Technologies & Tools: Product research, Web development, Stripe, API integrations, Figma, AWS, Client/Server stack.
Nonagon Care - Payment Solution

ALTA CONNECT - Smart Medical Tools, Israel/USA

Alta Connect
Created 3 separate, but integrative, online tools (Alta Sync Replay, Camera Controller, Full-features Rich Online Video Editor) to serve doctors & health care professionals, in creating, managing, and show-casing their experience and knowledge, in the medical community.
Technologies: advanced css & javascript, html5, camera/video/audio control, FFmpeg library, and more.

ASSIST-ANT - Personal Writing Assistant

Smart online/offline tool to automatically learn your writing habits and style. Using ML and AI to suggest the right word/phrase/content in the right context. Manage your own repository of content for re-use on multiple applications. I planned, designed, and developed the AssistAnt Marketplace for shared content within the organization.
Technologies: advanced css & javascript, and html5, ML and API planning & development.


Product Vision
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Figma, Canva & Photoshop
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User Experience

More Projects

OCTALYSIS - Gamification Tool, Yu-Kai Chou

Yu Kai Chou Gamification Octalisys Tool
In collaboration with the Gamification Goru, Yu-Kai Chou, I've created this simple to use, practical, and very helpful online tool for Gamification analysis and creation.
You are welcomed to check out and use the tool at: Octalysis Tool

DOMINOS PIZZA - Website & Mobile, Israel

Dominos pizza Israel Website and mobile app
One of the largest pizza restaurants chain in Israel. Dominos wanted to offer their customers the ability of delivery orders, from the web and the mobile. The Digital Product Critic helped Dominos with this goal by planning, designing, and developing a website and iPhone application.
Dominos Pizza website + Mobile app

GENBAND (formally "Fring") - Telecomm VOIP Startup

Fring: void white-label communications
Fring is a successful voip company, it provides mobile applications to enable peer to peer communication based on voip technology.
The Digital Product Critic is consulting Fring and providing development and maintenance services in Web, Mobile, and Social.

MACCABI TEL AVIV - Basketball fan club, Mobile App

Basketball Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel
Maccabi Tel Aviv is the largest and most successful basketball team in Israel.
The Digital Product Critic helped the team in planning, designing, and creating the team's iPhone application. Maccabi's app displays real-time game information, games' calendar, team and players' info, and much more.

LG ISRAEL - Mobile app, Israel

LG Israel
LG Israel wanted to create a smart mobile agent to help its consumers locate and learn more about the LG line of products.
The Digital Product Critic helped LG Israel in this quest by planning, designing, and developing an Android application. The app offers its users the ability to search and browse LG products. It does that by presenting the consumer with a few guiding questions, which by answering displays the consumer with the requested product(s). The project included developing a products matrix, on which the smart mobile agent was based on.

GIGI COSMETICS - Website & Facebook apps, Israel

Gigi cosmetics
Gigi Cosmetics is the largest and most famous cosmetics brand in Israel.
The Digital Product Critic creates and maintains various digital assets for the company: the Gigi Mini Facebook-site, dedicated promotions' landing pages, Facebook competitions, and more.


Random Message iphone app
The "Random Message" iPhone App presents a kabbalistic daily notification to its users.
The Digital Product Critic planned, developed, and maintained this customized application for the "Kabbalah Center" at Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

AGVANIA - Website, Israel

Agvania Pizza
Agvania is a well-known and a very popular pizza chain of restaurants in Israel.
The Digital Product Critic has helped Agvania in developing the company's website, mobile site, and Facebook fan pages. The project included analyzing the company's audience, working with a dedicated branding and design-house, and developing the company's overall digital presence.

QMARK - internal "Toot Coach" questionnaires system

Toot QMARK professional questionnaires
Worked with Alon Gal and other Toot Coach executives to create a customer questionnaire system.
The system allows "Toot Coach" executives to create Q-Mark Questionnaires, share them with customers, and track their results.
Toot - Questioneer Wizard

TOOT COACH - Israel's Largest Coaching Agency

Toot Coach
Worked with Alon Gal (Israel #1 business/personal coach) and Toot Coach executives to add new Content and Improve existing content on the Toot Coach website.
The project included a directory of top coaches, setting up new pages, and the design and creation of the Toot Global mini-tool, to show-case Toot's global expansion.

MULTI-U - project with "Toot Coach"

Multi-U project
Worked with Alon Gal and Toot Coach executives to create the "Multi-U" project.
This simple, yet powerful tool, allows individuals to kick-start their business, turning their unique knowledge and experience into a working business.
Kick start your business with Multi-U

TOOT WIZ - Questionnaire Wizard, with "Toot Coach"

Toot Questionnaires Wizard
Worked with Alon Gal and other Toot Coach executives to create a customer questionnaire system.
The system allows "Toot Coach" executives to create Q-Mark Questionnaires, share them with customers, and track their results.
Toot - Questioneer Wizard

ORLI WOOD - Website & "Build A Bed" Wizard

Orli Wood
Orli Wood Industries operates in Israel, manufacturing and selling wood beds, of different styles and sizes, custom to customers' requests.
The DIY Beds tool allows customers to build their dream bed, using an easy-to-use wizard-like interface, selecting all the bed components, from the basics to the colors palette.

ARTCHION - Art Content and Media Archive, Israel

Art Content and Media Archive, Israel
AR(T)chion is an archive site of the database of questions and answers from the Facebook group "Teaching and Lecturing on Art: Questions about Reference to Classes".
The site is updated daily. It has quick and deep search features, author and questions discovery, and more.

CELLCOM - Collaboration projects, Israel

Cellcom is the largest cellular carrier in Israel. My relationship with Cellcom included several projects, among them were:
"iMode" Project – which was a collaboration of Cellcom with NTT DoCoMo trying to bring the concept of smartphones to Israel, several years before the iPhone.
WAP Dev. House – this project was before the time of smartphones. A custom-built system was developed to enable quick and easy creation and maintenance of wap based sites.
"Zman Is Money" Project – translating from Hebrew it means "time is money". This was a teen-targeted engagement project. The concept was to pay teens with Air Time (calling minutes) for watching commercials.

JERUSALEM MUNICIPALITY - city events promotional website, Israel

jerusalem municipality
Jerusalem (Israel) municipality wanted to attract people to learn more about Jerusalem, its history, neighborhoods, and culture.
This desire was addressed by the Digital Product Critic with a Facebook game (application) displayed on the Jerusalem Facebook fan page.
The game invited visitors to answer as many trivia questions as they could about Jerusalem. Players received badges for their achievements and the game presented a leaders-board to engage players in pro-active playing.

MOSES - Members club & Mobile app, Israel

Moses restaurant
Moses is a big and well-known Hamburger chain of restaurants.
The project included the planning, designing, and implementing a website, membership club tool, and an iPhone application, which included a custom game.

MYCVAPP - by Rakia Recruiting, Canada

CVApp rakia recruiting
The MyCVApp project was created for Rakia Recruiting (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). MyCVApp was aimed for job seekers, who wished to present themselves in a different and more appealing way to potential employers.
Users uploaded their written CV file and Cover Letter and using the application's custom-developed video recorder, they were able to record a video clip that was synchronized automatically with the uploaded cover letter.
The end result was a one-pager presentation of the job seeker's details, downloadable files, and the video recording, which then was shared on various social networks.

ASTROLOME - Cofounder & CTO, Startup

AstroloMe provided Personal Accurate Horoscope using their mobile applications and website.
The Digital Product Critic has co-founded AstroloMe and serves as its technical and product manager.

FLYINGBOOKS.ME - Cofounder & CTO, Startup

The FlyingBooks Books, using its own Books Store, offers children with handpicked independent great stories.
The FlyingBooks mobile reader (iPhone, iPad, and android apps) enables children and parents to purchase and read books, narrate books with their own voice, create and record their own books and share the books with friends and family members.
The Digital Product Critic has co-founded FlyingBooks and serves as its technical and product manager.

VISONICLUB - Visonic, Israel

Visonic Club
The VisoniClub iPhone application enables service providers to operate and track Visonic based devices and installations.
The Digital Product Critic has developed this solution for Visonic, Israel; Using a bar code scanner in the VisoniClub iPhone app, the installer is able to complete the installation process faster, thus saving time and money to the company and its customers.


Edith Lingerie ecommerce
"Edith Online" is a very well-known and professional lingerie & textile brand in Israel.
The Digital Product Critic helped the company with planning and implementing its Facebook Fan page and eCommerce enabled website, which included connecting to a third-party mailing list manager.

IMOB - Israel

iMob iPhone apps
iMob is a mobile development brand in Israel.
The Digital Product Critic designed and developed several iPhone applications, including the first Passover Haggadah App in Israel.


Navi Arnavi children iphone apps
Navi Arnavi (hare named Navi) is a brand, created by "Ron Bentata" (the Digital Product Critic), which offers children with educational mobile applications incorporating the experience of touch, sound, and interaction.

HAPOEL JERUSALEM - Basketball Fan Club, Mobile App

hapohel jerusalem
Hapoel Jerusalem is a well-known basketball team in the Israeli basketball league.
The Digital Product Critic helped the team in planning, designing, and creating the team's iPhone application. Hapoel's app displays real-time games info, games calendar, team and players info, and much more.

KYOTO - Asian food restaurant chain

kyoto sushi restaurant
Kyoto is a large and well-known Sushi chain of restaurants in Israel. Kyoto wanted to offer its customers a delivery ordering service.
The Digital Product Critic examined the company's status, planned, designed, and executed. To achieve Kyoto's needs a website was developed, which enables customers to make orders from all the chain's branches. Kyoto management was provided with a dedicated back-office console to accept and process incoming orders as well as provide customer service.

LIV - Health food restaurant chain

Liv restaurant
LIV is a very successful, fast-growing, chain of health food restaurants, in Israel.
This project involved planning and creating the client's Facebook Fan page and website, enabling customers with delivery orders.

TAMBOUR - "Pro Color" Mobile app

In Israel, the word 'color' is synonymous with Tambour. The company wanted to make its beautiful and numerous color palettes accessible to their customers. To achieve this goal the Digital Product Critic helped Tambour in designing, developing, and bringing to life the 'Pro Colors' iPhone application.
The project included the creation of The Tambour Colors Matrix to support the large variety of colors offered by Tambour.
This matrix was designed and implemented both function-wise and graphics-wise, to enable the search and browsing of colors in the palettes and their presentation on the iPhone app screens.

ARIAV (ariel ariav) - PR & Marketing

Ariel Ariav
Ariav is a boutique house specializing in Social Media Conversation Management. Ariel Ariav, the owner and a social media savvy works closely with selected clients to increase their social media awareness and effectiveness.
The Digital Product Critic is working closely with Ariav to provide digital solutions for the clients' needs; Websites, Facebook pages & applications, blogs, mobile applications, and mobile sites.

FACEBOOK - Apps & Pages

Facebook apps
The Digital Product Critic offers its services in guiding, analyzing, planning, designs, and developing Facebook assets, among are Facebook applications and Facebook pages.
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